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Yosef is not a marriage candidate (although that can be changed) and lives in the Mill Owner's Home in Stoffton. He is the oldest child of Aluna and Gerhard Schafer and has a large number of relatives in both Stoffton and Rocky Ford. Yosef is a few months younger than his first cousin Josef and both of the cousins were named in honor of their grandfather Josef Schafer (Fiona's husband, now deceased).

Yosef was born and raised in the area and attended Stoffton Academy. After graduation, he went to college to study business. After earning his bachelor's degree, he returned to Stoffton hoping to help his father Gerhard run the textile mill; however, Gerhard is not ready to share his duties, so Yosef has spent significant time playing video games and dreaming of alternate plans.

As you befriend Yosef, you can encourage him to start his own business. If you do, he will renovate one of the buildings in Old Stoffton (northwestern section of town), and open "The Bolt". The Bolt will become a gathering spot for the community, open to people who want to play pool, board games, cards, or simply want to try some of the interesting juice combinations he serves in the front room. Yosef will also create a studio apartment for himself to live in the building.

If, instead, you would prefer to marry Yosef, you can do so by editing the config.json file. Instructions are at the bottom of the Stoffton page. If you marry Yosef, he will not renovate the building in Old Stoffton.

Birthday Fall 3
Lives In Mill Owner's Home
Address Stoffton
Friends Xen

Josef (cousin)

Family Aluna (mother)

Gerhard (father)

Silas (younger brother)

Makena (younger sister)

Isla (younger sister)

Family Tree Schafer Family Tree
Marriage No (can be changed)
Best Gifts Pizza, Bean Hotpot, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Diamond

Schedule (in brief)

Most days, Yosef spends the morning at the textile mill, has lunch with Xen, and then goes to Stoffton Academy to work on various projects. On rainy days, Yosef spends time at the textile mill from around 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. On Sundays, he attends the temple of Yoba and then visits with his cousins on the Schafer Ranch.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Pizza, Bean Hotpot, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Diamond
Liked Salmonberry, Blackberry
Neutral -
Disliked -
Hated -

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Enter the Mill Owner's Home.

Four Hearts

Enter the Textile Mill.

Six Hearts

Enter the Textile Mill.

Eight Hearts

Enter the Textile Mill.

Ten Hearts

You receive a letter. Enter Stoffton.

Note: If you make Yosef a marriage candidate, you will not see his ten heart event.

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