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Josef is a marriage candidate who lives in the Schafer Ranch in Rocky Ford. He is the oldest of the four Schafer boys living on the ranch and has recently returned to the area at his father Otto's request. Josef is a few months older than his first cousin Yosef (Mill Owner's Home) and both of the cousins were named after their grandfather Josef Schafer (Fiona's husband, now deceased).

Josef was born and raised in the area and attended Stoffton Academy. After graduation, he went to college where he studied engineering. After earning his bachelor's degree, he started graduate school and found a great deal of joy in his advanced engineering studies and his work as a graduate teaching assistant. However, his father has some very traditional ideas and since he (Otto) was the oldest in his generation and inherited the family farm, Otto believes that Josef should now be ready to take up the duties of an oldest son and work on the family farm. Josef is somewhat conflicted by his father's requests, and he misses both teaching and studying at university.

Josef is one of the marriage candidates who has an alternate story that you can choose to pursue. As you become friends with him, you will have two opportunities to encourage him to follow his dreams and return to teaching engineering. (You can encourage him at his eight heart and ten heart events.) Making this choice will mean that Josef is no longer a marriage candidate, but you can then work with him to renovate the original Schafer home so that he can live near his family but work remotely as a teacher at his former school.

If you marry Josef, he will not renovate the old home near the Schafer Ranch.

Birthday Summer 26
Lives In Schafer Ranch
Address Rocky Ford
Friends Ebbe (cousin)

Silas (cousin)

Yosef (cousin)

Family Otto (father)

Mac (younger brother)

Odo (younger brother)

Rolf (youngest brother)

Family Tree Schafer Family Tree
Marriage Yes
Best Gifts Dwarf Gadget, Salad, Blackberry, Emerald

Schedule (in brief)

During the week, Josef helps his father with the farm animals from 7:00-8:30 am. Then, he goes to Stoffton Academy until about 2:00 pm. He returns to Schafer Ranch and visits the barn until 7:00 pm, then he returns to the ranch house to eat the evening meal. On Sundays, he meets Ebbe (his cousin) at Stoffton Academy instead of attending the temple of Yoba. On rainy days, he studies in his room during the day except for mealtimes.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Dwarf Gadget, Salad, Blackberry, Emerald
Liked Salmonberry
Neutral -
Disliked -
Hated -

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Enter the Schafer Ranch.

Four Hearts

Enter the Schafer Ranch.

Six Hearts

Enter the Schafer Ranch.

Eight Hearts

Enter the Schafer Ranch.

Ten Hearts

Enter the Schafer Ranch.

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