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Simple Bigger Farms is a mod by Lizzie that can be used with Stardew Valley. The mod is standalone and gives you options for a few bigger maps for your farm. When installed, the mod replaces the base game farm maps (for the Forest, Riverland, and Wilderness Farms) with modified maps that are the same overall size, but that are lightly edited to increase the number of tillable and/or buildable squares. The mod also includes a set of four maps that you can use to replace the base game farm maps (for the Standard, Forest, Riverland, and Wilderness Farms) with much larger maps (roughly four times the original map size) that have a substantial increase in the tillable/buildable squares.

Simple Bigger Farms can be found on Nexus Mods here.


The mod contains seven farm maps, three of them are the same size as the base game maps, but have been lightly edited to increase the tillable/buildable area. Four of the maps (the XL maps) include the light edits from the first set and then increase the total area of the farm by approximately four times the base game maps.

Lightly Edited Maps

Map Name Image
Forest Farm (foraging)
Riverland Farm (fishing)
Wilderness Farm (combat)

XL Maps (MUCH Larger)

Map Name Image
Standard XL
Forest XL (foraging)
Riverland XL (fishing)
Wilderness XL (combat)


The config.json file is created the first time you run Stardew Valley with the mod installed. To make changes to the config.json file:

  1. Install Simple Bigger Farms (and any other required mods).
  2. Launch Stardew Valley.
  3. At the main screen, quit Stardew Valley before you load or create a farm.
  4. Open the Simple Bigger Farms mod folder.
  5. Open the "[CP] Simple Bigger Farms" folder.
  6. Edit the config.json file.
Setting Description Options
XLMaps This setting allows you to enable the extra-large (XL) maps that will replace four of the base game farm maps. By default, the mod is set to substitute the lightly edited farm maps for three of the base game maps. false (default) = The mod will use the three lightly edited maps for the Forest, Riverland, or Wilderness farms.

true = The mod will use the four very large maps for the Standard, Forest, Riverland, or Wilderness farms.

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