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Silas is a marriage candidate who lives with his family in the detached home in northeastern Stoffton. His parents are Gerhard and Aluna Schafer and he has one older brother Yosef and two younger, twin sisters Makena and Isla. Silas also has a large extended family in Stoffton and Rocky Ford, including his grandmother Fiona, and multiple aunts, uncles and cousins. His mother's parents are usually travelling, so he does not see them often; however, he was named after his maternal grandfather.

Silas was born and raised in Stoffton and has nearly finished his studies at Stoffton Academy. He is an avid reader, and you can usually find him studying. He often gets lost in a book and you may have to wait for him to finish a passage before he can talk. Silas is reserved by nature, and the noise and chaos generated by his younger twin sisters often overwhelms him and he takes refuge in the academy with his like-minded cousins, Josef and Ebbe.

By age, Silas is somewhere in the middle of his first cousins and while he admires people who pursue their dreams, he has also seen people be crushed by that pursuit. As a result, he is somewhat tentative about committing to a course of action. Like his best friend (and cousin) Odo, Silas is passionate about remote-controlled models, specifically boats. He both loves and is afraid of the ocean, which he has not yet visited.

Birthday Summer 14
Lives In Mill Owner's Home
Address Stoffton
Friends Ebbe (cousin)

Josef (cousin)

Odo (cousin)

Family Aluna (mother)

Gerhard (father)

Yosef (older brother)

Makena (younger sister)

Isla (younger sister)

Family Tree Schafer Family Tree
Marriage Yes
Best Gifts Cranberries, Cranberry Candy, Stuffing, Super Meal

Schedule (in brief)

On most days, Silas can be found at Stoffton Academy from around 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. On Tuesday evenings, he has the evening meal at the SugarDrop Café & Bakery. On Sundays after visiting the temple of Yoba, he spends part of the afternoon at his grandmother Fiona's cabin in Rocky Ford.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Cranberries, Cranberry Candy, Stuffing, Super Meal
Liked Cheese, Goat Cheese, Salmonberry, Blackberry
Neutral -
Disliked Bean Hotpot, Lobster Bisque, Salad, Pizza
Hated -

Heart Events

Two Hearts - Part One

Enter Rocky Ford. You must also have two hearts with Odo to see this event.

Two Hearts - Part Two

Enter the Vogel Shed in Rocky Ford. You must also have two hearts with Odo to see this event.

Four Hearts

Enter Stoffton.

Six Hearts

Enter Stoffton.

Eight Hearts

You receive a letter. Enter Rocky Ford.

Ten Hearts

You receive a letter. Enter the beach in Pelican Town.

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