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The original Schafer home is in the uppermost northeast corner of the map, near the entrance to Stoffton. The house has currently fallen into disrepair, but it is the original home where Fiona and her husband Josef (senior) began what would become the Schafer Ranch. As Fiona and Josef expanded their family, they built and moved into the house on the Schafer Ranch where Fiona now lives. The original home is boarded up, but can be renovated if you decide to follow Fiona's grandson Josef's non-marriage storyline.

RF Schafer Original.png
Open Hours none
Address Rocky Ford
Occupants none

Inside - spoiler

If you encourage Josef to pursue his dreams of returning to his career as an engineer and teacher, you can help him rebuild the inside of the original farmhouse so that he can live near his family while working remotely.

RF INT Orig Schafer Repair.png

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