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Clay is a marriage candidate who lives and works in his pottery workshop in his parent's Blacksmith building. Clay is relatively new to Stoffton. He and his parents relocated in support of his brother Tomas' partnership with Felix, owner of the Flower Shop. Clay is well-known in the region as a potter of significant skill and artistry and he does a brisk consignment business as well as having provided a great deal of the tableware in use in Stoffton.

Clay is devoted to creating his art, but he is also interested in the natural world. He enjoys coffee and food that has strong flavors, like leeks and onions.

Birthday Spring 6
Lives In Blacksmith
Address Stoffton
Friends Brina



Family Ignas (father)

Marina (mother)

Tomas (brother)

Felix (brother-in-law)

Family Tree Clay's Family Tree
Marriage Yes
Best Gifts Coffee, Apricot, Morel, Sweet Gem Berry, Wild Plum, Leek, Spring Onion

Schedule (in brief)

Clay spends most of his time in his pottery workshop in his parent's building. On Saturdays, he visits Rocky Ford to look for additional sources of clay for his pottery from around 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Coffee, Apricot, Morel, Sweet Gem Berry, Wild Plum, Leek, Spring Onion
Liked Rhubarb, Bok Choy, Common Mushroom, Rhubarb Pie, Super Meal
Neutral Salmonberry, Blackberry
Disliked Winter Root, Fried Egg
Hated Chicken Statue, Lava Eel

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Enter the Blacksmith.

Four Hearts

Enter the Flower Shop.

Six Hearts

Enter the SugarDrop Café and Bakery.

Eight Hearts

Enter Stoffton Academy.

Ten Hearts

Enter the bus stop (base game).

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