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The ruined shop in Fostoria can be used as it is for storage or casking (similar to the basement in an upgraded farmhouse), but it also has an upper floor that can be repaired by following a quest that Pori will give you.

The Ruined Shop

When you first enter Fostoria, you can see that one of the buildings is in a state of advanced disrepair.

Exterior - Ruined Shop

Ruined shop
Open Hours always
Address Fostoria
Occupants none

Interior - Ruined Shop

Inside the Ruined Shop is a large open area where you can use casks (similar to the basement of an upgraded farmhouse). The second floor is not accessible unless you complete the greenhouse quest.

Ruined shop interior

Repaired Shop - Upper Floor

As you become friends with Pori, you will have an option to repair the ruined shop. After you complete her quest, you will be able to access the upper floor of the building and use it as a greenhouse (similar to the repairable greenhouse on your farm). Pori will use the right side of the upper floor to tend to her flowers, but the left side of the second floor is reserved for your use.

Repaired Shop Exterior

After the greenhouse is repaired, the change is reflected on the outside of the building. Note that the greenhouse is on the upper floor of the building while the ground floor remains unchanged.

Open Hours always
Address Fostoria
Occupants Farmer, Pori

Repaired Shop Interior - upper floor

Repaired greenhouse

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