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Iris is a villager who lives in Fostoria. Iris is the Wizard's sister and she is a magic user. She keeps a small shop in Fostoria where she sells a few, museum-quality artifacts. As your character becomes friends with Iris, she will carry more items in her store.

Iris Face.png
Birthday Winter 13
Lives In Fostoria
Address Magic Shop
Store Hours 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Friends Wizard (base game)
Marriage No
Best Gifts Gems and Minerals

Schedule (in brief)

Iris spends most of her time in her home and magic shop. On Sundays, she visits her brother, the Wizard, at his tower in the Cindersap Forest west of Pelican Town.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Gems, Minerals
Liked Flowers
Neutral no additional
Disliked no additional
Hated no additional

Heart Events

During Iris' heart events you learn more about her life. On the next day (after viewing the heart event), new items will be for sale in her store.

Two Hearts

Enter the Magic Shop.

Four Hearts

Enter the Magic Shop.

Six Hearts

Enter the Magic Shop.

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