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Remmington is Fostoria's resident fisherman. He sells a wide variety of fish in his shop, but where, exactly, he finds those fish is a bit of a mystery.

Note: If you use both the Fostoria and Stoffton mods, Remmington will move to Stoffton, unless you change the config.json for Fostoria to keep him in Fostoria.

Remmington face.png
Birthday Fall 20
Lives In Fostoria (or Stoffton)
Address Fish Shop
Store Hours 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
Friends The Wizard (base game)
Marriage No
Best Gifts Gems

Schedule (in brief)

Remmington spends much of his time in his home and shop.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Gems, Minerals
Liked no additional
Neutral no additional
Disliked no additional
Hated no additional

Heart Events

Four Hearts

Enter Fostoria.

Six Hearts

Enter Fostoria.

Remmington's Quest

Enter the Fish Shop with the requested items and three empty backpack spaces. (Remmington will give you items, and you must have empty spaces to receive them.)

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