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Pori is a fun-loving creature of the woodlands. She has an affinity for nature and spends most of her time devoted to growing flowers. She will often give you flowers, and as you become friends with her, you can choose to accept a quest to repair the greenhouse in Fostoria.

Pori Face.png
Birthday Summer 7
Lives In Fostoria
Address Pori's House
Friends Linus (base game)
Marriage No
Best Gifts Flowers

Schedule (in brief)

Pori is in her home in the morning. On clear days, she will move around the Fostoria map. On rainy days, you can find her outside playing her flute. On Wednesdays, she visits Linus at his tent in the mountains north of Pelican Town. If you repair the greenhouse, she will spend much of her time tending flowers on her side of the greenhouse.


In addition to the universal gifts, below are the character's specific preferences:

Reaction Gift(s)
Loved Flowers
Liked Foraged Items
Neutral no additional
Disliked no additional
Hated no additional

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Enter Fostoria on a sunny day.

Four Hearts

Enter Fostoria on a sunny day.

Six Hearts

Enter Fostoria on a sunny day.

Pori's Quest - Greenhouse

Enter Pori's house with the requested items.

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