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Fostoria was once a bustling mining community to the west of Pelican Town. This new location is accessed by walking through the bus tunnel to the west. Fostoria is home to three new NPCs, two shops, new areas to forage, and much more to discover. Fostoria is a stand-alone mod, but it can be combined with other LLT3 mods. We especially recommend using Fostoria with Stoffton because Fostoria allows you to walk to Stoffton without having to repair the bus.

Fostoria can be found on Nexus Mods here.


Fostoria ships with three maps. All of the maps are the same width, but they are different heights. The Small Map is 2/3 the height of the Big map. The Tiny map is only 1/3 the height of the Big map. When you first download the mod, it is set to use the original or "Big" map. To use a different map, you need to change the config.json file included in the mod folder. See the directions in the Configurations section below.

On all of the maps, your character enters at the lower right side of the map. Each map includes a connection to the Desert on the left side of the map. Each map also connects to Stoffton (if that mod is installed) on the upper right side of the map; follow the bridge south of the buildings in Fostoria.

Map Name Image

(default size)



Fostoria has four main locations, no matter the map size.

Note: If you are using Fostoria with Stoffton, Remmington's Fish Shop moves to Stoffton (the larger community) unless you edit the config.json to keep him in Fostoria.


Fostoria includes three new characters.


The config.json file is created the first time you run Stardew Valley with the Fostoria mod installed. To make changes:

  1. Install Fostoria (and any other required mods).
  2. Launch Stardew Valley.
  3. At the main screen, quit Stardew before you load or create a farm.
  4. Open the Fostoria mod folder.
  5. Open the "[CP] Fostoria" folder.
  6. Edit the config.json file.
Setting Description Options
ExcludeNPCsWinterStar As written, Fostoria NPCs (new villagers) are not included in the Winter Star festival in the base game. However, if you want Fostoria NPCs to be part of the Winter Star festival, you must change this to "false". true = (default) New villagers will not be selected as a gift giver or receiver during the Winter Star festival.

false = New villagers MAY be selected as a gift giver or receiver.

FostoriaSize Fostoria includes three maps. The mod is initially set to use the largest map; however, depending on your gameplay style, you may want to choose a different map to use. Big = (default) uses the largest map (120 x 120).

Small = uses the medium sized map (120 x 80).

Tiny = uses the smallest map (120 x 40).

MoveRemmington Remmington is a new NPC who sells fish from a shop in Fostoria. If you have both Fostoria and Stoffton installed, you can choose to have him move his shop to the main street of Stoffton. He performs the same functions in either location, this setting is a matter of personal preference. true = (default) If you have BOTH Stoffton and Fostoria installed, Remmington will be based in the larger town, Stoffton. If you have only Fostoria installed, Remmington will remain in Fostoria.

false = If you have BOTH mods installed, Remmington will remain in Fostoria. If you only have Fostoria installed, Remmington will remain inFostoria.

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