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Fostoria and Stoffton are independent mods and can be used separately; however, for the best gameplay experience, we recommend using both mods. The benefits of using the mods together include:

  • Access to Remmington (the fisherman) in Stoffton
  • A stamina recharge pool in Fostoria
  • Ease of travel from your main farm to Fostoria and Stoffton (and a new farm available in Stoffton)

Remmington (the fisherman)

Remmington is a fisherman who lives in Fostoria. If you use only Stoffton, you will not be able to meet (or buy fish from) Remmington. With both mods in place, Remmington will sell his fish in Stoffton on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. He will sell fish in Fostoria during the other days of the week.

Stamina Recharge Pool

If you use both Fostoria and Stoffton, the Fostoria map (any size) will be equipped with a stamina recharge pool (similar to the spa). You can use this pool to recharge your stamina throughout the day. The picture below shows where the stamina pool appears in Fostoria. Notice that the pool is located in an area that was previously unused, so adding Stoffton should not adversely affect your saved game. (The new pathway north is discussed in the "Ease of Travel" section below.)

Fostoria (only)
Fostoria Only
Fostoria & Stoffton
Fostoria with Stoffton

Ease of Travel

With Fostoria, you have access to the Desert if you walk along the paved road to the western side of the map. If you add Stoffton, you can walk to the rural part of Stoffton (Rocky Ford) along the eastern side of the map, about halfway up.

Also, with Stoffton installed, you walk past the new stamina recharge pool to reach the Crossroads area that is part of Stoffton. From the Crossroads, you can reach the older part of Stoffton, the northern side of Rocky Ford, and a new farm that is available for purchase in Stoffton.

Map of locations in Fostoria and Stoffton

For more information about these additions, see the pages about Stoffton.

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