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Lizzie has developed several mods that can be used with Stardew Valley. This wiki provides more detail on her mods, especially Stoffton and Fostoria, because these two mods contain the most original content. Any of these mods can be used individually, but using Stoffton and Fostoria together provides the unique bonus of allowing you to reach the large city of Stoffton early in your game without having to repair the bus.


Stoffton is a thriving mill town located north and west of Pelican Town. Stoffton includes two new maps, one for the city itself and the other for a rural area (Rocky Ford) to the south. If you have Fostoria installed and walk to Stoffton, you will pass through Rocky Ford before you reach the city.

Stoffton and Rocky Ford include nearly forty new locations, eleven new shops, and nearly fifty new characters (including over a dozen marriage candidates). These new locations offer bountiful forage, new fishing locations, new friends, and new quests. You have the option to adjust the number of marriage candidates, and you can participate in storylines that can change the direction of a characters life and even add new events and/or locations to the expansion.

If you use both Fostoria and Stoffton, you can walk to Stoffton by walking west through the bus tunnel (you reach Fostoria first, then Rocky Ford, then Stoffton proper). If you use Stoffton on its own, you can access the town using the bus (after it is repaired), and to reach Rocky Ford, you walk south of Stoffton.

To download Stoffton, see Nexus Mods.


Fostoria is a standalone mod that adds a new map to the base game. Fostoria was once a bustling mining community near Pelican Town. Now largely abandoned, Fostoria is home to three new characters and two shops. This new locations offers bountiful forage, new fishing locations, new friends, new quests, and even allows you to walk to the desert.

Fostoria is reached by walking west through the bus tunnel (or by bus if the bus is repaired). Fostoria also provides a walking link to a larger expansion mod, Stoffton.

To download Fostoria, see Nexus Mods.

Simple Bigger Farms

Simple Bigger Farms is a collection of maps that change or enlarge some of the farms that originally ship with the base game. The three original maps increase the number of tillable tiles by making relatively small edits to the original maps (Riverland, Forest, and Wilderness). For example, some of the water regions are a bit smaller, and unreachable cliff tops are minimized. The mod also includes some extra-large maps (XL) that dramatically increase the size of your farm (Standard, Riverland, Forest, and Wilderness).

To read more about Simple Bigger Farms, or download the mod, see Nexus Mods.

Family Ties

Family Ties reimagines the relationships between the original inhabitants of Pelican Town. Some of the town folk have new jobs, updated appearances, or live in different locations. Many of them have additional or changed relationships with others in the village. Family Ties is compatible with Fostoria and Stoffton; however, because it changes base game relationships, we recommend reading the mod page to determine if it will suit your style of gameplay.

To read more about Family Ties, or download the mod, see Nexus Mods.

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